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We analyse, organize, and host all Your race analysis in our cloud.
Do as some of the best teams and competitions in the world and start improving faster!

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If You are not using data to guid Your training and race planning You are falling behind!

At AquaFront we have democratized Race Analysis and made it easily implemented worldwide.
We want to build a future where race analysis is as obvious of a tool on major competitions as timing is!

No matter where in the world You are, You deserve the best possibilities to succeed!
Win Success through Knowledge!
All relevant info as well as a visual overview of the swimmers speed throughout the race.
Video and data together for impact
Our Race Analysis provides the possibility to display both the data of all important aspects of the race together with Your video of the actual race. This combines Your analytical skills with Your visual skills granting You the best combination for grasping the whole picture.
All important information
Details are what separate good from great. Now You can identify the weak and the strong aspects of any race. Yours as well as Your competitions.
Some features:
- Speed (meters per second)
- Stroke frequency [FQ & Tempo] (cycles per minute AND time per cycle)
- Stroke length [SL] (meters per stroke)
- Stroke Index [SI] (a measure of the swimmer's overall stroke efficiency)
- Stroke count (strokes per pool length)
- Turn analysis
History & Comparison
A great and easily accessible history of all previous races in short course as well as in long course. Do You want to compare with previous races? (Of course You do!) Just click the 'compare' button.
Validated by Dala Sports Academy

Our clients love us
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How it Works
Film the races
You film the races and easily upload them to our servers where we host them for at least 6 months for You as well as link them to Your Race Analysis.
We analyse and do all the heavy lifting
We do all the heavy lifting with analysing all your races, link your videos to the correct race, and host everything in our customized cloud. You can just relax, or if You already have sport scientists on Your team, put Your sport scientist to better use.
You have it accessible on Your account
Specialising in sports and technology, we know the importance of accessibility. That is why You always have your Race Analysis easily accessible through Your account on any device.
They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
Federations working with us continously
We are very proud to have the privilege of working with You!
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